Blog actually coming soon (I really mean it this time!)

So it’s been a while since we promised the internet a blog. Well a lot has been happening behind the scenes and continues to go on to make the website work well for visitors and club members alike.


After Alan’s kind donation of a 2 year hosting package came to an end, we have migrated the site to new hosting, provided by myself. I pray to the internet gods that our visitor count be high and our downtime low!


Our “About The Club And How To Find Us” page has been updated with much more information which has been written up by Alan. If you want to know what the club is about, that page is sure to give you a pretty good idea.


Last night the club held a fox hunt event. This is where a transmitter is set up somewhere and without knowing where it is, members find it by combining the use of directional antennas and triangulation techniques. A good article about radio fox hunting is on Wikipedia if you want to find out more about it. The activity has nothing to do with actual foxes, so no foxes were harmed, or even so much as bothered!


Our first post by someone other than me is going to be Laura’s account of the evening. She and her partner Clive were the first to find the transmitter out of all members taking part. Her post should be published later on today.




Posted: 15 August, 2014

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