Fox-Hunting M3MYX

Well tonight was my 1st ever go at fox-hunting. I was not sure what was going to happen, but I sure picked it up.

So this is what happened when we went fox-hunting

  1. Met Chris G1PUV at Rookey Wood Pub on Weston road Crewe. They were very kind. Chris leant us an antenna and Barrie leant us a receiver.
  2. Clive G7APM and myself headed to our first position on Main Road Crewe. Just beyond the A500 fly over. We missed the 1st transmitting so waited in the same point for the next one 4 min later. We took a bearing of due south on the next transmission. We headed south for about 2 miles then parked up and waited for the next transmission.
  3. We headed down Newcastle Road (A531). We parked up and took a bearing of due west.
  4. We carry on down the A531 and took another bearing of South.
  5. We took the next road on the left (Cobb Lane) and Peter was just down on the right about 200 yards away.
We were the 1st ones to find Peter. We had great fun and cant wait to do it again soon.
Laura-Jayne M3MYX
Posted: 15 August, 2014

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