On Saturday 12th September as a club we went to CHOTA. (Church’s on the air). We were operating from St Peter’s church at Leighton-cum-Minshull Vernon.

We set up two stations, 2M and HF(40M).


Once Chris G1PUV, Pete G4RRM, Clive G7APM, Jon 2E0JZC, Tony 2E0CKM and Mike M0MBG put up the antennas, we all settled down to have a great day, but things didn’t go well. First thing was that we couldn’t hear anything on 2M, but Chris G1PUV could hear calls on his handheld, but the shack radio was quiet. So we changed the antenna to the one Chris had on his car, and with that we could hear calls on the shack radio again. So we ended up using a 7/8 mag mount on Chris’s car, although we could hear people talking, no one was coming back to our CQ’s, but we kept calling and we eventually managed some QSOs.


But HF was not plan sailing either, Pete G4RRM was also having antenna trouble too having to change to another G5RV.  Once Pete, Jon, Mike and Clive had changed the antenna, Pete managed to work Cyprus, Bahrain and Israel, which was very good seeing all the bands were having an off day.


Half way though the day we had some unexpected guests show up, Steve and Baz. They popped in on their way back from another club where they had been erecting antennas on a mast. It was good to see them again.


So all in all, it was a slow day but it was good to be out as a club playing radio.


Laura-Jane M3MYX


Posted: 21 September, 2015

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