K1N Navassa DXpedition – Once in a lifetime DX

A heads up that in two days time, there is a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ opportunity to work a #1 most wanted entry. The K1N DXpedition will be on Navassa Island.


Full details at http://www.navassadx.com


I don’t think the Cobwebb will work too well at 8m, so I’ll be extending the guys to put the mast up to full 12m – just in case the weather is ‘clement’ and I can work outdoors.


So I guess I’ll be installing a vertical, with a chicken-wire groundplane in place of radials, and an end-fed of some description out the window. I might even try a homebrew tak-tenna, 80m spiral dipole that takes up just 30″ of space!


Posted: 30 January, 2015

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