Churches On The Air 2017

Pete's (G4RRM) trailer tower at GB2SPC

CHOTA 2017 saw members of South Cheshire ARS operate two stations for the first time.  GB2SPC at St. Peter's Church, Minshull Vernon has been operated by the club for many years.  GBØRAS at St. Leonrad's in Warmingham was a new station for 2017 to celebrate the work of Reverend Arthur Shepherd, the founder of the World Association of Christian Radio Amateurs and Listeners (WACRAL), organisers of CHOTA.  Reverend Shepherd was, for a time, a Methodist Minister in Crewe.

Chris G1PUV and Alan G4UCT at GBØRAS

Setup for the event required a considerable amount of work from all those involved.  From running coax and mounting aerials to climbing clock towers and winding towers up.  A few heavy showers in the morning gave some of the team a good soaking!  All the effort was worth it with a total of 92 QSO's

Club Chairman Pete G4RRM working CW at GB2SPC

logged by both stations and a total of 13 Amateurs qualifying for the South Cheshire ARS CHOTA 2017 60th Anniversary Award.  A full log of stations worked can be found below.  A huge thanks to Reverend Goggin of St. Peter's and St. Leonard's for allowing us to operate from the churches and keeping the teams well supplied

Guest operator Steve MØYCQ working 40m SSB

with tea and biscuits.  Thanks also to our guest operator Steve MØYCQ for making the trip over from Shropshire to help with setup and operating at GB2SPC.  A fun, if wet, day was had by all and hopefully we'll do even better next year.  More photos and videos of the event below.

CHOTA 2017 Photo Album

CHOTA 2017 Log


GB0RAS 2E0CKM 2m FM England
GB0RAS 2E0CKM 2m FM England
GB2SPC 2E0DIJ 2m FM England
GB0RAS 2E0JZC 2m FM England
GB2SPC 2E0KOL 40m SSB England
GB2SPC 2E0LKC 2m FM England
GB0RAS 2E0LKC 2m FM England
GB2SPC 2E0LMD 2m FM England
GB0RAS 2E0LMD 2m FM England
GB2SPC 2E0PUE 2m FM England
GB2SPC 2E0XLG 2m FM England
GB2SPC 2E1GNZ 2m FM England
GB0RAS 2E1GNZ 2m FM England
GB0RAS 2W0JYN 2m FM Wales
GB2SPC 9A6AJ 40m CW Croatia
GB2SPC DC4XO 40m SSB Germany
GB2SPC DG5BCM 40m SSB Germany
GB2SPC DK1ZH 40m SSB Germany
GB2SPC DK2CF 40m CW Germany
GB2SPC DK2FE 40m CW Germany
GB2SPC DL5HSN 40m SSB Germany
GB2SPC DL7VMM 40m SSB Germany
GB2SPC DL8FQ 40m SSB Germany
GB2SPC DL9CM 40m CW Germany
GB2SPC EA5RJ 40m CW Spain
GB2SPC EI3GYB 80m SSB Ireland
GB2SPC F/G6LKB/P 40m SSB France
GB2SPC F5MPS 40m CW France
GB2SPC G0BJK 2m FM England
GB0RAS G0CTR 2m FM England
GB2SPC G0HIZ 2m FM England
GB0RAS G0HIZ 2m FM England
GB2SPC G0NAJ 2m FM England
GB0RAS G0NAJ 2m FM England
GB0RAS G0NAJ 2m FM England
GB0RAS G1PUV/P 2m FM England
GB2SPC G1PUV/P 2m FM England
GB2SPC G3JDT 2m FM England
GB2SPC G3LKZ 20m CW England
GB2SPC G3OHH 2m FM England
GB2SPC G4IOQ 2m FM England
GB2SPC G4JNC 40m SSB England
GB2SPC G4OHP 40m SSB England
GB2SPC G4RRM/M 2m FM England
GB0RAS G4RRM/M 2m FM England
GB2SPC G7APM/M 2m FM England
GB0RAS G7RYN 2m FM England
GB2SPC GB0RAS 2m FM England
GB2SPC GB0SMF 40m SSB England
GB2SPC GB2CTP 2m FM England
GB2SPC GB6MSR 2m FM England
GB0RAS GBSPC 2m FM England
GB2SPC HB0BQR 40m SSB Liechtenstein
GB2SPC I2GBX 20m CW Italy
GB2SPC K2VV 20m CW United States
GB0RAS LZ4TL 20m PSK Bulgaria
GB2SPC M0ADM 2m FM England
GB0RAS M0ADM 2m FM England
GB2SPC M0IGT/M 2m FM England
GB0RAS M0IGT/M 2m FM England
GB2SPC M0MRH 2m FM England
GB2SPC M0NEX/M 2m FM England
GB2SPC M0RCX/M 2m FM England
GB0RAS M0RVV 2m FM England
GB2SPC M0RVV/P 2m FM England
GB0RAS M0RVV/P 2m FM England
GB2SPC M0XOC 2m FM England
GB2SPC M5AFG 2m FM England
GB0RAS M5AFG 2m FM England
GB0RAS M6CEQ 2m FM England
GB2SPC M6KPF/M 2m FM England
GB2SPC M6MKX/M 2m FM England
GB2SPC M6TFV 2m FM England
GB2SPC M6UKZ 2m FM England
GB0RAS M6UKZ 2m FM England
GB2SPC M6WPA 2m FM England
GB2SPC M6WPA 40m SSB England
GB2SPC MI0RSN 40m SSB Northern Ireland
GB2SPC MI0TLG 40m SSB Northern Ireland
GB2SPC OK1WVS 20m CW Czech Republic
GB2SPC ON4MB 40m CW Belgium
GB2SPC ON6IO 40m SSB Belgium
GB2SPC PA3FUE 40m CW Netherlands
GB2SPC PC5Z 40m SSB Netherlands
GB2SPC RD3BZ 20m CW European Russia
GB2SPC RU5A/M 20m CW European Russia
GB2SPC S55DX 20m CW Slovenia
GB2SPC SM7ZDI 40m CW Sweden
GB0RAS SV2LLQ 20m PSK Greece

Posted: 16/09/2017

South Cheshire ARS are Affiliated with the RSGB